Missions in Action


Next Wednesday (11/16) will see the launch of a web/television series called Missions in Action I have had the privilege of helping create and produce over the past year.

The show, which is being hosted by Amazing Race Season 2 winner, Around the World For Free host, and all around good guy Alex Boylan,  is a live look at the amazing work being done by various humanitarian and missionary organizations around the globe. In following Alex’s journey you will have a direct look at how gifts, donations, and sponsorships from people like yourself are being utilized and are making an impact in the world– how they are bringing food to the hungry, hope to the hopeless, and justice to the oppressed.

Outside of the wonderful and inspiring stories that will be captured, the beauty of the show is that you, the viewer, get to personally interact with Alex on a regular basis as he tweets, blogs, and communicates with you 24 hours a day throughout his journey. In fact, the production team with whom I’ve partnered on this project, Around the World Productions, has been a pioneer in the web/television industry, being among the first in the industry to foresee how social media and interactivity can be utilized to create a compelling television show– their flagship program Around the World For Free is the most viewed web program in CBS.com history.

I could go on forever with a description of what the show will entail, but I think it is best summarized by clicking here and viewing this trailer.

Follow our journey by following Alex at @missionstv on Twitter and at the Facebook fanpage; meanwhile, keep in contact with him over at www.missioninaction.tv as well, where new episodes will be regularly updated several times each week.

I hope you will be as excited about this journey as I am!

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    This looks incredibly awesome. How cool it must be to be involved with something like this. Can’t wait to watch!