Good Presidential Biographies

I have never been a history buff.

However, I recently picked up Ron Cherow’s biography on George Washington Washington: A Life and I have been loving it. Not only is his writing exquisite (really, it’s extraordinary), but the story of Washington’s life is fascinating, as well.

This has me interested in beginning a new endeavor: reading– in order– a biography on all 44 presidents.

However, as I have no background in this genre, I turn to you: do you have any presidential biographies you’d recommend as being the definitive work on any particular figure?

  • victor moffatt

    i find your interest similar to an a program i have also started in africa. starting from ghana, i am having what i term ‘credible versions of the call to the unfinished africa agenda’. starting with the ‘ghana response’ we intend to cover the continent with the forum in the next ten years, for the first phase. what i therefore find thrilling will if we can exchange findings as to the making of american and african presidents-similarities and differences. i am a journalist and managing editor of ‘the canon’ newspaper. hope you’d stay in touch. best regards, victor moffatt